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Ensure cohesion between returns and your discounts and allowances

If you are having problems maximising your revenue, it might be because you are looking in the wrong places. If your production costs already are reduced to a minimum, why carry on struggling to find ways to save, when there is potential in reducing the difference between your gross and net sales. Discounts and allowances up to 30-35 % are quite common – what do you get out of it?

Exploit your sales channels on a strategic level

Investing in Trade Promotion will for sure cost you discounts and allowances. We can help you get much more out of your marketing budget and ensure a fair return for your discounts and allowances.

You know your current profit – but what about your potential?

Nobody knows the future – but we can help you forecasting it. We simulate the chosen market strategy and find opportunities that are difficult to see in the daily business.