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Commercial consulting

– when the results matter

Our many years of experience from senior management positions enable us not only to deliver a targeted marketing strategy, but also effective tools and solutions, that deliver results both in the short and long term.

    We have recently created result-orientated growth:

  • Shopper Marketing project for a large Danish food company
  • Category and Shopper Marketing projects for a number of international FMCG companies
  • Category strategy and implementation plan for a medical company
  • Financial simulation, trade terms, price and discount structure for an international FMCG company.
  • Market segmentation and client strategy for a Foodservice company.
  • Nordic business plan and continuous sparring for a smaller food company.
  • Practical sell-in arguments for a smaller FMCG company, that wished to list a product in a Danish discount chain.
  • Argumentation, support and advise to small and large FMCG companies in connection with the annual negotiations.
  • Optimisation of client and promotional efficiency for a number of FMCG companies.
  • Individual competence development of business unit managers and key account managers for a FMCG company

We are happy to be evaluated on the results we can deliver to your company through closely targeted strategy and implementation. Call us in Denmark at +45 70 27 88 84 and hear how we can help you.