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True shopper and shopper insights

- Should drive the right actions

Having the right and true consumer insights is vital in choosing the right actions when targeting your shoppers. CA Nordic generates specific and useful insight about your shoppers and consumer in your categories:

  • What drives them when using the category?
  • How do they shop in the category?
  • Which drivers decide the shoppers decision of buying your or one of your competitors products?

We have a range of effective research tools that will help you make the right marketing decisions. Through a true understanding of your shoppers and your consumers, you will get the optimal base for developing the category and your business with your clients.

    In-store interviews:

  • Close to the "moment of truth"
  • Drivers and barriers for a purchase
  • Key drivers for decision making
  • Decision tree

    In-depth and group interviews:

  • In-depth insights
  • In-depth and group interviews:
  • Effect of actions


  • Representative panel of Danish households
  • Drivers, purchase missions and purchase criteria's
  • Segments, sales channels and retail chains.

    Interviews with shop and retail chain decision makers:

  • The opinion of the retail chain decision maker to your category and products
  • The opinion of the retail store decision maker to your category and products
  • Opportunities and ways to improve the category and business